Elf Days Catch Up

Granted, this isn't all that was left. 
We didn't get photos of every single day, as I'd hoped we would.

A few remaining highlights from Spark-Fredo's December surprises:

Apparently, the whole lot of your cats joined Sparky 
for some base jumping off the bridge.

...or maybe they were having their own fun
and strung him up?

And of course, Gold Fish Cracker fishing 
in the bathroom. 

My favorite was the night that Sparky
painted you an adorable cat picture on a canvas  

leaving all the paints and supplies out for us to 
do our own painting to Christmas music 
the morning after. 

 Our sneaky little guy really made some fun for us that day.

And finally, the morning we woke up to Sparky praying
at your new Nativity set.

Even he knows what Christmas is about. :)

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