Riding with Morgan

Today, we went to see Gwin. 
Gwen and Morgan were there to clean up and ride. 
I cuddled and groomed Gwin. 
Then I rode her bareback while you and Morgan played in the snow together. 

It was a beautiful afternoon. 

You wanted to ride. 
Morgan rode Angel and you rode Gwin, together. 

It was so cute. 
I could see you growing up together to be ridding buddies. 

Gwen rode with Morgan on Angel. I didn't realize it was okay to do that. 
I know I always did it with my cousins when we were kids, 
and as much as I'd LOVE to with you on Gwin, 
I wasn't too keen on the idea. 
Now that I know it's fine we are SO going to start doubling. 
I can't wait. ;) 

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