Yesterday we got "the call" we have been waiting for from our Adoption Case Worker. Our paperwork was approved so far, and we were able to schedule our first Home Study. We are very happy about this step. Every step forward is exciting for me and your Dad. I don't know that you understand it all completely. The process of adoption can be overwhelming and confusing at 8 years old, I'm sure. We try our best to explain it and include you in our celebrating of milestone, dreaming and planning for. 

Last night, we watched our Brady Bunch, like we've done every week night since Christmas. When it was over, you asked for a second, like you've done every week night since Christmas. :) We usually say yes, but your Dad asked what we thought of all snuggling into the same big bed, watching a movie on Amazon, and falling asleep together. I think all the excitement over "the call" made him want his family close. He and I did our devotion while you got ready, and then we all climbed into our bed, did your devotion with you, and then your Dad prayed. We fell asleep watching Turbo. 

When I woke up this morning I was between you both. You each had a knee over me and your arms were laid across me, touching. I've never felt so loved and special, to be the girl of your hearts. I can't imagine more love. I watched you both sleep for awhile. Your Dad, so strong and sweet. His heart is so good. And you, so grown and yet so young. I can see his strength in you, and his quiet, sound, stable peace. You are both so good. 
I love you. 

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