Today we did some stocking up on groceries at Woodmans. You often stand on the cart holding the push bar while I push the cart with you leaning back against me. We talk and whisper and giggle and sometimes I sing into your ear. Sometimes you mention that there are people, like you don't want me to sing to you or kiss your cheeks in front of them. I don't mind. I do it anyway. I hope you always remember my love for you. 

I think of that when we watch our show at night as a family. We all lay on each other and snuggle close, sometimes with a dog or two to top us off like cherries on an ice cream sunday. I didn't have that closeness with my family when I was a kid. I hope it makes all the difference for you. I don't know how we could be in the same room and not fallin' in love. ;)

After walking away from your favorite cartoon last week because of it's content that is dishonoring to God,  I think you gave up your usual brand of yogurt today because you realized the brand is called "Greek Gods". You mentioned something about it and asked where the "Brown Cow" yogurt was instead. Your conscience and convictions are pretty remarkable. While I do like to encourage balance and remind you that we are Free in Christ, I do let you take your strong stands. I even learn from and have become more mindful of myself because of your example. 

You have been making your own play money in your spare time the last couple of days. You got the idea from your Judy Blume Double Fudge audio book. You have a whole plan to make items that you can sell to your friends using the Fudge Bucks you are going to give them when they come to visit you. You are pretty serious about it. Although, I don't quite understand the appeal, it's cute, fun, imaginative, artsy, and somewhat mathematical. And it's not a video game, so... 

Speaking of, you have been earning your Media Time. In the completion of a school day, chores, extra reading, exercise, and community service you receive a determined amount of time per activity. It has been a good way to balance your productivity with your down time. We'll see how it works for the first weekend we use it. 

I love you. 
You're fabulous. 
Can't get enough of you. 

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