Somewhere Out There

A saved post from 12.18.13

Last night, your Dad and I put our inflatable penguin family out on the deck again for Christmas. We stood together facing the three of them - like the three of us - and your Dad said to me, "maybe next year we will need to add another little penguin to their family." It was an exciting realization for us both - this Christmas could hold s
ome of our lasts for just the three of us, before we become... more.

When we went inside to look out at them, happily waving, bundled close together, we prayed there by the Christmas tree. We prayed for our child or children. Wherever they are, whoever they are, that they are safe. We prayed for the people caring for them to be loving, gentle, patient and kind. We prayed that God would fill them up with Him, hope, peace, and love - with a knowing inside.

It's an incredible thing to think - that our child or children, your sibling or siblings, are out there somewhere, right now. 

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