For eight years I have kept a blog just for you. The pages have been filled with your milestones, activities, events, interest, and all your days since birth. It's been a journal of my heart for you with photographs and love letters. It's been a sort of baby book for you and memior of our family, so far.

As you know, in the past several months we have been discussing our desire to adopt. Of course, you have been a very important part of this consideration. Your Dad and I are grateful for and encouraged by your heart to welcome another child or children into our family, and we are proud to announce that we have officially began the process!  

As our life will likely soon be filled with more hands and feet, more smiles and tears, more of us... these life documenting pages are going to take root in some significant changes. These letters will no longer be written to just you about the three of us, but they will also be addressed to whoever it is God has chosen to enter into our family.

Here we will write stories of celebration, blessings, and the proof of His favor and provision in and on our now expectant family.

While we will surely enjoy the journey, we can't wait to be united! 

Yours Forever, 

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