A Day in The Life

Last night, Zeek slept in the living room on the couch. 
We call it "slumbering" and he likes when we let him once in a while on a weekend.
So, when Greg and I woke up, 
we didn't want to be out and about, disturbing Zeek's sleep.  
We turned on our favorite new series on Netflix, The Fosters, and watched the next episode.
Then we read some of the book we're reading 
for more training hours toward our Adoption Certification.

When Zeek woke up for the day, the three of us went to TL for breakfast. 
I had an omelet. Greg had the buffet. 
Zeek had his usual -eggs benedict, no ham, extra egg, medium poached. 
It was, as always, the best breakfast of the weekend.

When we got home we played a board game together.
Zeek was winning the entire game, and Greg was barely hanging in there. 
I noticed that every time Greg left his seat for anything, or even looked away,
Zeek would slip him some of his money to help him along.
I also noticed that he would not advance his "monopolizing" by purchasing anymore homes or hotels.
I'm pretty sure he was avoiding the downfall of his Dad's small empire.

After the game, which Zeek did win, I revealed Zeek's kind deeds
and pouted out to him that even if he had lost the game, he was quite a winner in our eyes and God's. 
We presented him with a furry creatures lego creation set he's been wanting and we've been
holding onto for just this kind of occasion. :)

Zeek built his Legos while Greg played his game on his computer, 
and I played some Golf one Xbox one for the first time in months. 
It was nice and fun, but the weather was far to beautiful for us to 
spend any more time indoors!

So, I took Zeek for a ride. I on my rollerblades and he on his scooter. 
Greg wanted to come, and even tried, but his back/leg is really acting up,
so we regretfully had to leave him behind.
It was a good ride, and although it was windier than I knew (or I would have passed)
we still made excellent time and enjoyed the sun and excersize. 

Back home, I blew leaves and gathered "sticks" for a couple of hours.

 Then we had a fire, and Greg grilled brats.

I read some of my book while Zeek played in the sand hill and woods...

Then, we had giant marshmallow smores, which hit the spot! :)

Finally, Zeek convinced me to follow him to the tire swing
to get a load o his new tricks.

When we got back inside it was nearly his bedtime. 
We each showered, and then it was my turn to read, pray
and tuck him in for the night.

Greg and I watched TWO more Foster episodes over a "mid-night snack" 
and laughed that we could have finished the whole series
if we didn't have to sleep, ever.

I love being married to my best friend.

And I loved this productive, warm, family day at home. 

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