To My Nibs,

We've been watching you even more closely than usual throughout this past week. You had your expander put in at the orthodontist last Tuesday. 

It's been harder than we expected or were prepared for. 

There has been crying. Yours followed by mine as we try to comfort you. 
It's hard to see you, who usually goes unfazed by even the toughest stuff, get pushed around and literally fall to the ground, frustrated and exhausted from the challenges of having this appliance in your mouth. 

First the fitting (which took an hour to perfect), then to swallow, then eating (which you still haven't conquered) then the salt water rinses, and don't even get me started on the talking. They might have thought to tell us that you would spend the next six months not being able to close your teeth ergo make a "s" or "sh" sound! 

I'm glad that things are getting easier for you everyday. 
It's hard to see you struggle through anything. But it's good to know that this will help you a lot in the long run, and we are able to provide it for you. 

In six weeks we will stop widening it, daily. You will wear it for stability during the remainder of the six months, and have it removed. Then, you will have braces when they say you're ready for them. 

The good news is, I had braces, and they were't as dramatic of difficult as your expander.
Thank God. 

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