Moving Right Along

We didn't quite realize it, but our foster-to-adopt training and requirements are nearly fulfilled! I think we saw what seemed an endless, insurmountable "start" ahead of us, and we just put our heads down and put one foot in front of the other... and with all God has been doing within our heads and hearts we  kept our attention on the corrections, leading, learnings, and changes. Now here we are, one day from our final home study!

Tomorrow, T will have her interview with Zeek, she will receive his wellness check papers, a few odds and ends from us, and complete the "home" portion of the home study.

We have installed all the smoke detectors required, as well as a fire extinguisher and a Carbon Monoxide detector on all three levels, drawn and laminated our fire escape plans for each floor and posted them on the walls, posted emergency numbers and info by the phones, and installed locks to keep sharp objects, poisons, medicines and power tools safe. 
We have been reading our book for training hours, and this weekend we will complete the online course requirement. 

I'm sure there are other things here and there that we will need to tie up, last minute. But it's amazing that we are just now looking up and we're so close to being on the waiting list! 

We have learned and our hearts have grown so much on this journey, and yet we feel like we haven't even begun. We're grateful to be right here. We're taking it all in. We feel that we still don't know quite what is happening - that no one in this foster-to-adopt business knows what is happening - but trusting in God with the unknowns is more than enough for us.

We're very happy excited to take the next big step!!!

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