Camp LeBreck

So, the plan was to set up all our new camp stuff in the yard
to be sure it all works and will be ready for us to go camping with.

What we discovered is that we have the best possible campgrounds
we could ever ask for, right here on our property.

Woods, wildlife, beautiful views, peace and privacy.

Our own wood to burn, indoor bathrooms and kitchen, 
basketball hoop, 4 wheeler, bikes, scooters, and R & E's 
fishing/boating/swimming resort just up the street.  

Our pets, who didn't have to go to the Center while we were "out".

It was all just too convenient, costed us nothing, 
and requires no tear down and set up in-between weekends.

So, basically, we'll be camping as much as our hearts desire this summer.

All right here, at home.

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