Lee's Baaaaack

Auntie Robin and Uncle Deuce brought Kaila back to us 
and gave us Leo as well last weekend. We are glad to have both home with us. 

Of course Leo has been loving our Thomas the Train set, as always.
You and Kay have been joining him sometimes. 

Even the cat seems to like it. 
(While Chuchi has been chewing on the wooden pieces!)

You have been enjoying having a little company to play with things
you wouldn't normally think to play with anymore.

We finally made our way to the Pizza Hut buffet, 
which has been a favorite tradition for you guys every year.

And of course, our beach! 
Zach joined us for this fun day, 
and the weather couldn't have been better.

Nothing like being lake side in the sand for this mama!

Leo has been very entertaining. 
He loves Ralph, and insists that he's a "wabbit".

The other day he was watching him in his tank when I said,
"Oh, do you love the bunny?"
Leo replied, 
"Him not a bunny. He a wabbit." 

Too much!  

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