A Day at Bay Beach

Today, after Fine Arts, we all went to Bay Beach. 

We played in the parks.


Rode the rides.

And my favorite part of the day:
You and Kaila and Jada rode the roller coaster 
too many times to count, while Leo and I 
waited for you at the picnic tables. 

Eventually, you tired of the rides and were hanging out with me and Lee. 
Leo wanted to me to take him over to the toddler rides for some more fun.
I couldn't leave the girls, and YOU OFFERED to take him!!!!!!  

It was so sweet watching you walk into the park with the tickets and the boy,
and even sweeter when we returned to you and you were standing fence side 
keeping a close eye on your tiny responsibility. 
Melt my heart!

We hit up our favorite Burger King for cones on the way home.
It was a really special day.

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