Family Reunion in MI

We had our family reunion on Gra's side over the holiday weekend.

We stayed at our favorite "Inn" at Uncle Pie and Aunt Bobbie's with Gra and Pepere, and Auntie Ducky. It was just right, as always.

You, Daddy, Pepere, Uncle Pie, and Cousins TJ and Donald all cut and hauled the wood for our first huge family bonfire.

It was so nice to see so much family in one place, together. 

Gra has a VERY big family.

You have A LOT of cousins. 

We got to take you to the Breakers. 

It has been closed for years,
but to my delight and surprise it is opened again! :)

You fell in love and wanted to go every single day we were in MI.

We made sure to take you a few times.
Uncle loved the Breakers, too.

You, Gra and I went to the quarry you climbed the last time we were in MI. 

You climbed ALL the way to the top this time. 
I was a little nervous and prayed a lot that you would be okay.

We had a day at the Beach with nearly everyone who came.
We ate, played, visited, and got some group pictures.

It was a nice time.

One of the days were were there, you, Daddy, Gra, Pepere and I 
went on an adventure to explore the UP. 

We drove on a long, very rough trail through the woods 
at the end of Highway 41N.

We also enjoyed the coast of Lake Superior.

Even though we all look very happy in this picture, 
you might remember that Mom and Dad weren't getting 
along so well on this day during this trip. 

I love that we are a close little family who takes good care
no matter what our moods or attitudes are like. :)

On our last day there was a morning race and run 
sponsored by Gra and Pepere for anyone who wanted participate.

You were the only one of the several kids who ran 
the entire way with all the adults. 

It was a great morning for a run/walk with family, 
and a great time to head back and get to our own home and beds. 

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