Today we went to Linsey's with X.
She and I folded a lot of laundry. 

Xzavier had never met the kids before, and they loved him to bits. 
He was SO sweet with them. Of course. 
I could see him as a good dad someday - 
some far, far, FAR away day.

I got to get some of my Lu lovin' on.

And X rode a horse for the first time. Like a boss.
Even though this event caused way more drama behind the scenes 
than it was worth. It was good to see him so proud.
When we left he was certain that he was going to 
become a horse owner and ride all the time. 
He loved it.

The three of us went to a late lunch at Red Robins. 
We had good drinks, and not the best food. 

Lesson learned, 
but any time with my boys is a good time. 

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