Ezekiel and I worked so hard last week, during our Spring Break from schooling, to get the house and property ready. He was an amazing help the entire time. I felt like I had a clone (which has been a secret dream of mine for years). 

Friday, we cleaned like never before. Deep cleaned, and staged every area of the house. The photographer, Pete, and realtor, Kimmer, came over at 3pm. The sun was shinning, the weather was warm, and all was prepared. Kimmer and I had a nice hour or so hanging out while Pete took 1000 pictures and recorded the property with his drone. 

It felt SO good to have it all finished. 

Then Saturday, Greg and I took 1300 pounds of garbage to the city dump. We made two trips, and just unloaded all the old construction stuff; wood, railroad ties, door frame, metal..., furniture; the little brown leather couch (our first couch), end table, coffee table..., and other things; toys, mini trampoline, and all junk just laying around in the shop and garage. 

That felt as good and productive as the whole week's worth of work did. And I was beat! 

On Sunday, after church, we went and looked at three open houses in our price range and preferred location. YIKES. They were rough. Between $110,000 (which was as expected and albeit not big enough for us, priced right and not too bad of a home) and $170,000 - we were in shock and awe at how much dumps in questionable neighborhoods cost. 

We left fled the scene to have lunch and confirm that we should certainly consider asking more for our beautiful home, as well as that the plentiful Spring Market has not yet begun to flow. 

We will be patient but ready. 

God, only You know when, where, and how much. We rest in that assuredness and trust You alone. We will not lead this charge, no matter how impatient, anxious or restless we might become at times. We will wait on You. Open the doors to Your will only, in Your time. We are here. 
In Jesus name. 

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