what's a little maple syrup between good friend?

We met with some of our friends at an area preserve on "Maple Syrup Day".

Picnik collage

The fun of meeting on weekends is that we have the Mamas and the Daddys together.

We all enjoyed a nature walk with a guide who taught us the ins and outs of making maple syrup.

Noah drank sap straight from a tree, and you participating when our guide asked you to pretend to be a sap tree who was tapped for the hose system. :)

Picnik collagea

You and Grace were adorable and inseparable, as always.


I enjoyed a little prelude to what it will be like to have all of you playing together in our yard this summer.
We absolutely could not get you three out of the woods at the preserve, so I think it's safe to say that our own woods will be a big hit.

It was such a nice time. We always love to watch you guys hang out together while we're hanging out.

tyler grace zeek noah

It's no doubt that these are lifetime family relationships we are growing with these new-ish friends, and we couldn't be happier about it!