full house

During our first couple of days at Gra and Pepere's your Uncle Eric and his wife, Aunt Sarah, were wrapping up their week long visit here. 
Aunt Sarah's parents joined us the first day, and it was full "resort" Wednesday evening, Thursday, and Friday morning. 

It was nice to be able to sneak in some time with Uncle Eric and Aunt Sarah 
our second summer in a row!!! :)

It was especially nice to meet Sarah's parents, Jane and Darrel; 
pastors, missionaries, and homeschoolers of an only child. 
Miss Jane and I had a lot to talk about! More than I even knew. 
I'm left a little sad that we don't live nearer to them, as well.  

We all enjoyed the pool pool pool, as always. 
Lots and lots and lots of swimming and sunning and eating off the grill. 
*reason #930 I am grateful for Pepere: there's always good grilled beef on the menu. 

We were surprised to learn that you have grown tall enough in the past year 
to touch the bottom on the shallow half of Gra and Pepere's pool! 
We were even more surprised when you decided to lose your floaties 
and learn how to swim without them! 

Pepere went right to the store and bought a buoy rope so you could play freely
without worry on your side of the pool. 

You have been waiting a long time for Pepere to toss you around in the water 
in the ways that only he can manage your 42lbs. 
You love swimming with him. 

Pepere has been waiting a long time for you to come and fix his deck with him. ;)


Gra and I love to watch the smiles you have on your faces when you're together. 
It's a special brand of joy you bring to one other. :)
We're so grateful you have him and he has you.