Multitude Monday

I absolutely love the ministry this writer facilitates:

holy experience

I have been reading Ann for a couple of months, religiously.
I love her Focus, literally.
She has been a true vessel for Him in my life.

This is only a fraction of how.

holy experience

You and I bought our journal for this last week at Barnes. 
We started randomly writing down the things we are grateful to God for.
It's a great thing to do in our down-times and transitions.
It's a great thing to do.

On Mondays, we will go over our list from the week and each choose 20 of our gifts to share here. 

My 20

a sleepy pug @ the foot of my baby's bed
our health and safety
the june nature calendar
all morning nature walks
sunny summer evenings
"gitchy gitchy gumba, dinos on the rumba!"
love & logic, ins.
being a stay home mama
being old enough not to concern myself
vacation anticipation
nala's figs and spanish almonds
bethany and levi
a heart to find and remain in You
the motivation to find a way
bobby and erika
bill and t
our new "farmers market boutique"

Zeek's 20

my very precious kitten that Gra gave me
it's mew
my boom box, it's buttons and time screen
my cds
thank You for the moon
thank You for my momma
my daddy
my xbox
my sister
i'm thankful for my daddy's giraffe book
for the vent that warms the house
the tree that is dead and teared up...
that it will not fall
i'm grateful for STEVE!
our house
that i am growing
for the dollar

  multitude monday

(our list of God's Gifts and Graces totals 116)