I absolutely l.o.v.e.d the trip to NC with you. 
You were so lighthearted, sweet, fun, and well behaved. 

I couldn't help but notice how much more grown you are this year. How in control of and responsible for yourself you are. I was very proud for you. Everyday I'm so happy for all the blessings we receive from our Love and Logic series, aka: my "better mommy cds".  

I kind of felt like we carried more ON the plane in electronics than we had checked to be flown under the plane in our suitcase. With my camera, the mino, macbook, two sets of earbuds, iphone, ipod, and ipad we were like a walking Best Buy! 

It was all worth it though, as we each watched our own movies helping the time pass during the plane ride here. :) 

I pray that our trip home will be just as so good.