backtracking a bit

Awhile back I went away with a few of my mama friends to a homeschool conference for four days. This was only the second time I've ever left you and your Dad overnight, and FOUR days was by far the longest. 

When I returned you were so used to having your Daddy for everything that you were not interested in doing anything with me unless he was there, too.

That Sunday I took you to Church with me to give your Daddy some alone time. You did not want to go, but I promised you that you could stay with me through the service, and we brought books, paper, colors and pencils to keep you busy in your seat. 

Well, you were so unhappy with me that you decided to lay on the floor and work "away" from me. 


It was kind of sweet and cute, how you were stubborn to stay loyal to your special Daddy time in my transition back. ;)

I knew you were working hard on something but I didn't dare get too close. 

When the service was over you stuck your paper into a book, tucked it under your arm and headed to the car to be returned to your Dad ASAP! :)

Back home, this is what you presented to him:

I love you and miss you 
I want to come home
from zeek
to dad

My favorite is the picture of "Zeek" in the back seat of the jeep sad and missing his dad while "LORA" drives in the front seat, smiling away. 

This is by far my FAVORITE thing you have ever created to date. 
SO so so so sweet. 
You've long since gotten past this pitiful state, but I didn't want to forget to write the story for you.

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  1. That is SO sweet and SO FUNNY!!! I love it and love all that personality he's packed full of!

    Love you, Pam