More "things you've come up with":

You have been asking us for weeks if you could have a desk in your room. 
You told me that you wanted shelves for your walls, too, so you could 
"display some of (your) favorite things". 
You wanted them high enough so that no one could reach them. 

I had a little wooden four drawer desk in my bedroom 
when I was a kid, and I LOVED it. 
I remember feeling so grown up deciding where to put my things in and on it. 

With all your mail, cards, and the invitations you write and hoard 
in your shoe boxes in your room, not to mention the whole homeschooling thing,
I thought a desk would be a great idea for you. 

We found the CUTEST kids roll-top desk on craigslist. 
I sold our baby papasan swing and seat set to make the extra money for it, 
and ta-da...

Your own desk!

SO cute the way you filled it right away with everything from books 
and "important papers" to clothes and stuffed animals. 
You even filled things in around it. 

Here are some cute/funny/smart things you've said lately:

me: yea! we sold the crib! way to go. no more babies!!!
{offering a hand to give you a high five, you give me a sad look.}
me: you can't be sad now. you have to be glad. aren't you glad? you didn't want any brothers or sisters, remember?
you: mmmm. i'll wait until i'm older.
me: well, i'm done having babies.
you: well mom, just you wait until i get married. then her brothers and sisters will be my brothers and sisters.

"hey mom, i really need one of those...did you ever hear of one of those pillow pets that turn into full sized pillows? well, i really need one of those because they said with just one hug i'll fall in love!"

you: hey mom, how long ago did you buy this car?
me: about six years
you: wow. before me. well, i'm glad you did, because it has the best radio stations. kind of like when you turn it up it makes the seat tingle...like a massage.

You saw an american eagle advertisement in the mail. It had models gazing off with stoic serious faces. You said, 
"wow, it looks like somebody's nauseous in that picture."

You pointed to a sand hill you and Jaymee had made and yelled, 
"it's the giant toe of antardia!"

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