first soccer season finale

Apparently, you were thinking "piston cup" when they told you 
there would be a trophy at the end of the the last game of the season.

Let's just say, you were not happy.

And when I look at these pictures I can't help but laugh at myself.
I was so disapointed in the way you were acting.
I remember feeling like you were taking away from my experience
of my only child's first soccer team finale and trophy receiving.
I was even more irritated that you were "ruining" our photographs 
of the event with your scowl and attitude.

I remember thinking back on Jaymee's final games and trophies
and how we celebrated with her with BIG HAPPY SMILES.
And, oh the photographs!

But these photographs of you and your little trophy are SO precious.
Especially with your frowns and crabby face-making.

And I'll try to keep in mind that any otherwise fun event or experience 
will be just as memorable and special as long as it's with you.
Even if you do display an over tired serious attitude problem.

I love you.

This season you kicked the ball about three times during games.
Two of your kicks were starts.
When we would talk to you about your reluctance to kick the ball
you would tell us you didn't think it was good to take the ball from other kids.
Not even from the opposing team. 
They were all trying to score goals, you know? :)

We just applauded your participation and 
encouraged you to take your own turn at the ball sometime.

You were always supportive, playing three out our the four quarters,
keeping up with your team-mates and the ball, 
running from one side of the field to the other.

It made Tuesdays the best afternoon of the week for me.

You have asked to play in the next season coming up in September.

We are hoping that this season you will kick the ball!
But either way we will enjoy watching your extra cuteness on the field! 


  1. Awesome!!! What else to say to this one?!!!! Pam

  2. So unusual for him to look that way it is good to see! Actually pretty cute and I do the same thing when I look at them, smile. Too cute. I miss him.
    Love Gra