you are living on the edge

And it's not that I want to air your dirty laundry. 
But this is an honest place. 

I have never in all my life... 
I would have never expected you would or suspected you could... 
You have left me speechless and in awe more times than I can count this weekend. 

You are hanging off the edge of yourself. 

But not to worry, son.  
You won't fall.
We've got you.

"I'm right here, but you won't fall"

God, be.


  1. Incredible photo! I love it!! :) Pam

  2. that is an amazing photo for so many reasons.
    after our talk yesterday, i especially notice the dark sky in the background, the threat of a nasty storm.
    but greg's eyes or steadfastly on ezekiel.
    watching his hands, wondering how long he can hold on.
    keeping him steady, ready to hold him up if he lets go.
    fully anticipating that they could get soaking wet together at any point.
    but braving the monkey bars nonetheless.
    love you.