independent steps

You've been asking for and taking on some new responsibilities these days.

You are making friends of the bartenders at Applebee's
as you confidently belly up to order your kiddy-cocktails 
during our Wednesday lunches. 

You've been asking to do more things to help out at home, too.

In the past you've joined me in emptying the dishwasher, 
but this time you asked me to step aside completely
as you confidently climbed atop counters, handled glasses,
and even put away all the knives yourself! 

With all the added effort  you have been putting in around the house 
your Dad and I thought it was time you start getting a weekly allowance.

On Friday (allowance day) you asked how soon 
we might be able to make a stop at Walmart.

You were thrilled to handle your own purchase choices
and to make the matchbox car buying transition on your own. 

You totally made the cashier woman's day.

You and I went sledding this weekend with my girlfriend, Erica.
It was the first time you and I had been to this particular sledding hill.

When I saw that the other sledders were quite a bit older than you, 
and then learned that they do not let people go down the hill in pairs,
I was a little worried that you would not be ready for this monster hill!

Much to my surprise you were FEARLESS on that hill.

Once you took a rolling tumble halfway down the hill
that sent this mama FLYING to your rescue
sure to find you in pieces at the bottom.
Instead, you were laughing hysterically at me for nearly
killing myself to get to you as fast as I could.
You even insisted on handling the tow-rope all on your own!


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