4th of July

Traditionally, the F family stays at our place
to celebrate and enjoy the 4th of July with us.

Although, the R family also joins us in 
our fun family sleepovers for the other 
holidays we get together, they are not 
usually able to come for the 4th.

This year, they did!!! :) 

We pre-made all the food again
so I wouldn't have to do anything 
once everyone got here. 

It was harder without Sarita this time,
but the menu was full and delicious!

With the house full and the temps in the high 90s 
we had a great party Tuesday and Wednesday
with BOTH of our favorite families.

You and I went to the most amazing 
fireworks we've ever seen 
on Saturday night. 

I took some videos and will add them 
when I get them off my camera.
But from now on, every year,
THAT is the place we will ALL 
always go to see our fireworks. 

After a show like that, we decided to
just stay home and do fireworks here 
on both of our nights with our friends.

Uncle Levi and your Dad bought the coolest 
HUGE fireworks that went WAY up and made
beautiful shows for us. 

It was fun (with a little crazy mixed in). 

You got your special alone times with Miss Erika.
And you and the F kids had a great time together,
as always. 

You ate your faces off, swam in your new little pool,
played fruit ninjas, and made the cutest books.

The mid-week celebration will not be forgotten. 
Can't wait to do it again!

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