A God Honoring Life

Sunday morning I was sitting out in the screen room with A. Erika talking when you came out of the house to ask me something. 
You said, 
"Mom, are we going to watch What's In the Bible this morning?" (we normally watch an episode as a family on Sunday mornings)
I told you we would watch it after our friends went home later in the day. 
Then you gave me a funny look and said, 
"Well, Dad said I could play video games...?"
I thought maybe you were asking me too, because of your expression. So, I told you to go play.
You leaned over and whispered in my ear,
"I learned at church this week that if I'm going to do something worldly I should make the habit to do something God honoring first..."
Then I realized that you wanted to watch the Bible show FIRST. 
I whispered to you that there are many God honoring things that you could do. Like read a story from your Bible, or pray... 
You lit up and said, 
"OH! I can read my Bible for that? I never thought of it!"
And you ran off to your room to read. 
I squirt a little proud tear. 
You're awesome. 

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