5k Thursdays

On Thursday you ran your 5k, again.

Usually, Jaymee, Alexis and I
at least walk it.

This week, Jay and Alexis had already
run it in the morning with Aunt Julie.

And with my injury from the horse accident
I stayed back with Jaymee, while you and 
Aunt Julie ran it together.

You were so proud when everyone on the sidelines 
clapped and cheered you in as you sprinted
through the finish line with A. Julie.

You did SO well! 
You beat your time from last week by 10 minutes.
A Julie said you ran much more.

She is SUCH a great coach, and you are
super blessed to be able to train 
with such an athlete as her.

Jay was thrilled when you got to her 
for stage two of your run...

She was glad to supervise and monitor
your cool down as the two of you
talked about the big run. 

I'm so proud of you, 
my little runner.


  1. SOOOOO cute, I love the running pictures and then the cup of water with Jay at the end. Ahhhhhhh. Love it!