Fine Arts / Miss Nina's

 This week you had VBS
aka: Fine Arts at Celebration Church.

We have been looking forward to spending
this week with Nina and family.
Their house is not close to ours, and so close to Celebration.
Also, Noah was signed up for classes, too!

It was an action packed week
with classes followed by play dates. 

And tons of yummy foods and snacks.

Miss Nina and I cooked up a storm!

It was a warm week, again.

You and the boys played so well.
Even with baby Jose.

Nina and I were spoiled with all our time together.
It was so nice to spend so many days 
with her in her new house, 
getting to know her new routines 
and seeing her life close up, again.

On Friday, you had your performance. 
You were in Shadow Casting.
Here is our little video of it:

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