Night at the Track

We went to the races on Saturday.
I didn't even realize it until we were there,
but this was your first time at races!

Kind of crazy, since you love cars and racing so much.

It's fun to do something for the first time with you.
We've done SO much already, that sometimes
it feels like there's nothing left for firsts. :)

Well, we put your name in the kids' raffle for
a ride on the water truck at intermission.

I didn't think you'd win because there were so many entires.
When they announced your name we were so excited!!!

You were so spoiled.
They gave you a shirt, a free soda, and took your photograph.
People in the stands were high-fiving and congratulating you.

I wasn't sure if you'd want to do it once 
you got down into the pits.

I didn't really tell you much about it,
just because I didn't want you to back out.

But you got into that big truck with the driver. 
They put your little headphones and mic. on you.
And you zoomed around the track together about 15 times!!! 

You really liked it a lot. 

Another cute story about your first race event...

We were sitting in the bleachers with our 
hotdogs, popcorn, french fries, and drinks.
You looked super preoccupied with worry as the cars passed by.

I asked your what was the matter.
You told me you were really concerned that 
the loud sounds would damage your hearing. 

You are SO your mother's child. 
We got you (and me) some ear plugs 
and the rest of the night was a blast!

I have a feeling we will be going to the races 
every weekend for awhile. 

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