C County Fair

We usually go to the county fairs in the squelching month of August,
when the sun is close enough to singe the hairs off our necks.

But this year we just happened to take to the C. County Fair
to meet my horse's first colt (not a colt anymore), Aladdin.

Even your Dad was able to join us, since it was on a weekend.

First, we saw the awesome animal show.
They showed and taught about many 
cool different animals.
You got to see a BIG CAT.
And I got to hold a BIG snake, again.

After the show, we went to the 4H buildings to find 
Aladdin, his family, and his rider.

He is beautiful. 
Sweet and quiet like his Mama, Gwin. 

 He won first place in haltering
and second in showmanship. 

His owner is wonderful,
and we watched and visited awhile.

Then we took you to get your wrist band for rides.

You were fearless, as you've been at Bay Beach this summer.

You went on pretty much all the rides. More than once. 

You rode this ride something like 15 times!!!

You also played some games. 
And you won this VERY coveted 
set of metallic gold window dice.
You HAD to have them! :)

This was the first year (time) you made a 
random friend on your own, too. 

It was so awesome and cute. 
The two of you ran around the fair together taking on rides.
Even his sister joined the two of you.

I was so proud of you.

The weather was perfect. The food was delicious. 
The park was practically empty for the five hours we played.

Your Dad and I had so much fun together.
And you will have a hard time waiting for next year
to enjoy another county fair like this one!!! 

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