Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Tonight, when your Dad got home from work 
he declared an Olive Garden night
upon entering the house. 

It's not often that we go out to eat anymore,
but you and your Dad go together to breakfast 
every Saturday morning. 

You go to the same restaurant and you eat the same thing.
All the waitstaff know you there, 
and they know just what you want
and how you like it: 
Eggs Benedict, no ham, extra runny poached eggs.

Your Daddy likes this because it was 
a very special treat he remembers having
when he was a little boy
and his Grandparents would take him there. 

So, this whole post is about your first rainbow. 

You don't think you've ever seen one. 
You actually did, when you were much younger,
but you don't remember it. 

When we got to Olive Garden
there was a HUGE rainbow in the sky.
We could see it from one end to the other. 

I took your picture. 
We learned that there was a 35 minute wait,
and we went to Chilis instead.
It was excellent!

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