Another World

When I was a kid your Uncle Tony and I played outside a lot. 
We would imagine and create homes and worlds together. 
When we first moved to the country we would play in the front and side yards.
We'd gather "food and supplies" of all the discoveries 
we made on our adventures through the fields. 
We would sort and delegate our things. 
I would make meals and Uncle Tony would hunt and build.

When we got older we played more adventurously. 
With pretend weapons and our horse, in the fields, 
on the hill, through the water... 
We created dimensions, portals, good guys and bad guys.

When we got even older we set up the loft in our barn like a "hide out". 
We would sit up there and plan for the day when one of the 
boys would escape the boys ranch in our area. 
We were sure he would come to our house 
and we could stow him away in the loft. 
We could bring him food and whatever he needed. :)

I've been looking for new ways to play with you. 
There are things that would be the unspoken responsibilities of your sibling/s, 
if you had any, that I don't want you to miss out on. 
Like playing warriors in the woods, finding portals and escaping to new lands,
hunting and gathering and sorting all in make believe.

This week we started playing outside together 
like I did with your Uncle Tony.

(this was our new home before we "fixed it up")

I really believed it would be all for you.
I'm so amazed at how long Gra can play with you when she comes. I feel like I can only do 20-30 minutes of playing before I need to be an adult again.
But not in the woods!
I felt like a kid again.

We played for hours. I lost track of time.
We're creating an entire life and world.
We've made up all the plans and rules.

You think up different creatures and tell me which ones 
are safe and which ones you have to protect me from.

We've made weapons, started making our house, 
put up a shelf in the kitchen, gathered "healing plants" and "food".

You recently learned that if you had been a girl or ever had a sister, 
her name would have been Aeralon. 
I thought it was interesting and sweet that you chose the names 
Tony and Aeralon for our play names. 
The names of my brother and your would-be-sister. :)

Even Apple (Pixie the Shetland Unicorn) plays with us in our other world.

Each day, we check the weather and moan that it might rain.
We can't wait to get done with school so we can get
outside and play in our new world.

I love playing with you!!!

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