Painting the Town with Jay

We love to hit the town and make it count 
before saying farewell to summer break 
and hello to a new school year. 

We always try to take your favorite girl, 
Jay Glynn.

We started our fun tour out at Bay Beach.

I can't do the crazy rides 
(who am I kidding? I can't do the easy rides)
So it's great that Jay loves them all as much as you do!

I made sure to get plenty of photos of the two of you,
together and apart this time.
We've spent too much time together with no photos this summer.

It's amazing to me the way you keep growing closer and closer
as you each grow bigger and bigger. 

I honestly thought that you'd drift apart, 
or at least have needed breaks in your relationship
as you moved in and out of phases growing up.

A Julie and I are so happy that you two 
stay just as sweet together as the first day,
no matter your age or stage.

You're so happy with her,
and she so content being with you, too.

Once we were done combing the water side at Bay Beach
we headed over to the Wild Life Sanctuary.

We bought tons of corn to feed the ducks and geese.

We walked the grounds making feathered friends.

And of course I took a ton of pics, again. 

You handed out bird food until you were surrounded.

I thought it would make you a a bit nervous,
but you certainly aren't the little one you used to be.

Jay too our photo for us. 

They turned out so cute.

We ate at Kavarna, and then went to 
the Aquarium, an awesome plant store we
recently discovered, and this unique little shop
where they have awesome rocks, fossils, bones,
and other cool natural odds and ends.
You and Jay chose a complete geode rock together.
Then you helped break it in half to reveal the crystals inside.
You each kept half.

We bought two more sensitive plants.
One for Jay and one for Henry. 
We also bought our first carnivorous plant:
the venus fly trap! ;)

Our last stop was Colbern Park. 
You each wanted to ride your scooters someplace 
smooth, fast, and fun!
This was the perfect place. 

It will be tough for you to go from seeing her so often
as you have over the summer, and back to
not so frequent get togethers. 

But we will not soon forget our last party day together. 
It was a GREAT finally!!! 

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