Just Up the Way

Long, fantastic story short, 
Aunt Erika and Uncle Robert now live 
just a couple of miles from our house. 

It is so awesome, and we pretty much live at their house. 

I go over in the mornings and sit out on the screen porch 
with A. Erika and our coffees. 
It's so nice to be able to see them whenever we want 
without making a big plan because of distance. 

You LOVE it. Inside and out. 
You beg when we will be leaving to go there, every single day. 

Uncle Robert gave you the awesome tree house that is on their land. 

You fish almost every time we go. 

You swim in the pond, 

run with the dogs, 

explore the land, chase frogs, and pretty much all around get spoiled 
by two people who think you are the cat's meow. :)

Last week Uncle Robert put together a treasure hunt for you. 
I got a text message saying, "we want your son". 

Aunt Erika drove all the way over to our house to get you. 
There were clues from one place to the next, 
keys that opened secret doors, missions to complete, and prizes throughout. 
In the end there was a locked treasure box with treasure for you. 
It was very sweet. 

We all ended the day with a bond-fire by the water
and some good old-school hair band music.
Something we do, pretty much constant.

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