Always Learning

We have been enjoying our breakfasts and lunches together so much these days. For one, you have been eating SO much better since you decided to stop eating gluten once and for all. Also, we have been having green drinks together every morning with kale, spinach, and apple or pear, and banana or yogurt. They are delicious and SO good for our bodies and minds. 

Our current favorite breakfast is GF Sammi's bread French Toast with cinnamon sugar butter (I mix mine with a little warmed cream cheese. It's AMAZING!!! 

For lunches we have discovered GF Sammi's bread with a little pizza sauce and cheese (plus chopped bell pepper and onion for me) on the Pizzaz until crispy. Delightful, and we can't get enough. 

School has been taking on it's own form, as Homeschool does. We've been selecting and learning one math concept until mastery, and then keeping each mastered concept on a line up of review problems for end of week. We've also changed L.A. to free writing with outlines, while we are diving deeper into full understanding each individual grammar concept, one at a time. I have learned SO much, too! 

Our Bible times have been God led, and sometime happen right in the middle of any subject. I especially love being able to get back to being a leader or guide for you in your walk with God. 

Today, at lunch we were talking about tonight being video game night. You have 12+ tickets saved up, and you were saying that you could turn them in and start two hours early tonight. I suggested that you consider keeping them for tomorrow or Friday when you don't have a free four hour session with us for gaming night. 

You explained to me that you would like to hold off on playing Thursday and Friday because you are starting to form a little bit of an addiction and need to get it taken care of. I told you how proud I am of you recognizing that yourself and having your own desire and know-how to correct it. You said, "well yeah Mom. It's like, you can kind of feel it when that happens. It like sort of hurts in your chest." 

SO STINKING PROUD OF YOU RIGHT NOW. And even of your Dad and myself for teaching you like that so early. To know yourself and to know how to take care of you when it comes to compulsions and addictions is SO huge. Awesome victory for all of us! 

You rock. :) 

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