Fall Fitness

This year we are doing Fall Fitness for the second time. 
The first year, I think you were five years old. 
It wasn't quite for us at that time. 

While I love the outdoors, I'm not a "fitness" kind of person - 
I'm more of a woodsy, chopping, burning, car fixing, woodworking, 
fishing, gardening, taking a WALK, playing with the dogs, kind of person. 
I've never been someone who wants to go outdoors to participate in sporty activity.

So when Tad, the director of Fall Fitness, took one look at me and said,
"You look sporty. How would you like to lead in coaching one of our groups?"
I could not for the life of me figure out why and how my head was nodding up and down
and my lips were forming the word "yes". 

But I checked with God, because I do NOT like to say yes to anything. 
Especially without great deliberation and certainly without checking with Him.
And He was gently moving me along with the nodding and the yes-ing.
And so I went (but not without a little inner grumbling)

Two hours later I was wrapping our first Friday of what I already knew
would be a game changer for me. 
I have the 3rd thru 5th grade group.
We play football, kickball, capture the flag, baseball, 
and sometimes even hula-hooping for fun.

I love leading and being with these kids.
I would have never thought it was for me, 
but I'm so grateful for Tad's encouragement
and God's lead. 

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