Homeschool is So Cool

Our school room is starting to look alive!

With the art work we've created...

and even some of the schoolwork... 

I love to look around and see evidence of our hands on learning 
and progression through our curriculums and lessons.

I like the way your Chemistry curriculum gives us experiments 
in every single lesson.

And you can not get enough.

I LOVE that chemistry can also be learned in our day to day life.

Like the way vinegar and baking soda can clean the glass on the front of the oven.

And I especially appreciate the way that our Math Curriculum
taught you to understand Math on such a greater level
(thank you common core math)

and still continues to keep you moving right along 
with mastery and amazing retention.

Nothing's more fun than seeing a little Leonard and Sheldon
action on our own little dry erase board. :)

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