Amazing Artwork

We've been having so much fun learning our way through the elements of art.

We've made some really cool stuff together and individually. 

But nothing has compared to what you've been working on the past couple weeks.

Combining the elements of line, shape, color, value, and space 

you worked away, day after day, 

amazing me with your style and eye...

And then today, when you had added the tree 
(which you decided in the last minute to go with three instead of one)

you took as step back and said you would like to add cherry blossoms.

I had no idea what you meant, but it turned out brilliant.

I love this art work. It is my favorite you have ever made. 
And I believe it is your own favorite too. 

You told me that you might paint for a living. 
Then you told me that someday this painting might be worth a lot of money, 
but that you would never sell it. 

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