Round Two - Birthday Party Time

When we woke up this morning, you crawled into my bed
and asked me to go for a walk with you outside. 
You wanted to test out how your knee was feeling in preparation
for tonight's big football game - against another undefeated team.

It was a nice, cool, quick walk. 
And you decided your knee was feeling alright.
(You've been having a lot of growing pains)

Uncle came over around 10, just as I was heading out 
the door for some last minute shopping. 
He joined you and your Dad for some gaming.

Then it was time for partying! 
We had Papa Murphy's Pizzas, and cakes! 

Uncle treated this Birthday somewhat like Christmas,
excusing his pile o' presents with a story about how 
he doesn't have kids, and he has to spoil someone.
Plus he really still likes to play with toys. :)

You enjoyed opening all your gifts from him.
There were posters for your gaming area, 
a minecraft movie maker (which you are in love with)
extra movie maker figures,
and a remote control airplane!!!

The two of you did everything in your power to fly this plane, 
though it was too windy out to really enjoy it yet.

It was another fun celebration of your birthday.
Happy 10th, my sweet little one. 

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