Fun Day #1

You and I were supposed to go on an adventure to Madison the first two days of this week. We planned it with our friends awhile ago, but somethings came up for them and we had to cancel our trip. Neither one of us wanted to resume life as usual, so we took our mini-vacation budget, called your best buddy, and planned a couple of Fun Days after all! 

Monday, you wanted to go out for breakfast. You chose Townline for their delicious Eggs Benedict, of course. After that we decided to go to Chuck e Cheese and play ski-ball. 

You have caught on the joys of giving lately, and you have been looking for opportunities. You asked me to add $5 from you to the tip for our waitress at Olive Garden last week. God had been making it very obvious to you that He likes this giving stuff. Just after you did that, we were given a free bowl of you Dad's favorite soup to take home with us! :)

At Chuck e's, You had a bunch of tickets saved up from playing there when you were younger - somewhere around 700 to be exact. You wanted to earn tons more and find some little kids to give them to. 

This was where the first blessing from a stranger took place - before you even gave! Because God truly knows your heart before you act...
We were gifted 70 extra tokens for the price of the 80 token package! :) 

We played until we literally were tired of playing games. It was so much fun. Then you chose the family to give your 1051 total tickets to. We gave them to the mommy and she was SO surprised and grateful. She asked you if she could hug you and thanked you over and over. It made her day. And yours. :)

After that, we went to get some gifts for a friend, then to a music store to check out some sheet music and pianos. We played around, bought a worship music book for our piano, and headed out to try the new Dunkin' Donuts near our house. Once there, we walked through the open doors to be greeted by a bunch of people in training and some managers. The explained they weren't open for business yet. As in, they had NEVER opened for business yet AT ALL. :) We apologized and excused ourselves. 

This is where the next blessing from a stranger took place - the manager/owner stopped us and said, "we can give you donuts though!" Then he commanded one of the workers to go get them all! And he did. Out wheeled a 6 foot high cooling tray filled with beautiful (practice) donuts. They told us what they all were, let us pick ours, and then as I was taking out my check card they stopped me and said, "No, these are for you", refusing payment even when I pointed out that I could see their registers were up and running. So kind and sweet. These things just DO not happen to me. 

Finally, we headed home. Zach and Sophie showed up early to hang out. Sophie stuck around for about a half hour while I visited with Aunt Pam. The three of you played outside together. When Auntie and Sophie hit the road, you and Zach helped me get the net on the trampoline so you could jump together. 

Then we had a huge bonfire, 

cooked hot dogs and smores, 

and you guys trampolined into the night. 

(the smoke from the fire even blew your way, keeping you mosquito free)

When you came back in you each showered, then you watched the Fishing show you've been loving. River Monsters? Monster Fish? Not sure what it's called. 
Finally, we put the mattress from the twin bed in the toy room in your room next to your bed, and you, Zach and Yuki went to sleep (or stayed up talking forever - as your Dad and I could hear the sound of voices from above our bedroom) :) 

It was a GREAT DAY! And I can't wait to get started on day two today!  

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