New Stuff

We've had quite a few changes and new things around here lately...

We put one of our TVs upstairs on the bridge for you to enjoy in your own space.
You don't watch a lot of TV. It's not really your thing.
But when you are in the mood for a movie, or you have a sleep over
and you and a buddy want to watch something,
this is the perfect spot for you to escape.

You just keep losing teeth! lol
So, your last "Daddy Fairy" gift was a mini cupcake maker.
You love to watch cupcake wars, and now you make your own!

You got your new tennis shoes for the summer. You've almost grown out of your last.
Nothing new with the color choice since the only color you will wear is neon green.
It's the SIZE that is altogether new (and a little shocking for this mom)
You had your foot measured, and had to move up to Men's sizes!!! 
No more kid's shoes for you! :) 

This newness is a dream come true for me. 
Not only have you learned to play Canasta/Hand and Foot,
but you are super good at it.
You thought out and discovered strategies from the first game we tried!
You have beaten me, legitimately - and I LOVE that you enjoy my favorite game ever! 
Now I have someone to play with besides Gra.

We bought a new couch, because the dogs ruined the last one. 
The first week we had it, we kept it covered in heavy duty plastic to deter them from using it.
They caught on very quickly and we were able to remove it earlier than suspected -
we don't really use this room anyway, unless we have guests.
It cracked me up that you loved the plastic and would lay on this couch
to read and play on your iPad all the time.

And then there's this little gem.
Daddy surprised me and got me a new car!!!
It's the same kind as the old one (who I still love) 
but it definitely has some upgrades including a sunroof - which I love. 
I mention this here because you have always been 
indifferent about vehicles, but you LOVE this car!
You want to go everywhere I go so you can ride in it. 
You love the smooth drive and the cuddly seats. 
You always say it feels like we're driving on a cloud. 
I am also pretty indifferent about my vehicles, 
but I have to admit, this is a pretty sweet ride. :)  

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