You have been doing so well with piano. 
Your teacher says you are a piano teacher's dream.
She proudly shares her gratitude and enjoyment in working with you.
 Your have impressed her with your dedication and hard work 
as well as your natural giftedness.

In the past eight months you have surprised us all in mastering two years worth of lessons,
and just this past week you have moved into what most students 
do in their third year of piano lessons! 
At this rate you will be entering fourth year material 
by the end of summer/beginning of your second year!
She can not say enough about how proud and amazed she is by you.
We are very happy for you that God has given you this. 

This past month you and a few friends have been playing piano
for the residents of a local retirement community.

It has been a blessing to them, but also to you.
We are especially fond of one of the residents who turned 91 in April.
We brought her a beautiful card that you made and a potted flower on her Birthday.
This touched her so much that she made it a point to share with her friends
when we were all there the next time for a performance. 
She teared up telling everyone how special it was,
and then she presented you with an art piece she made just for you.
It has a little boy fishing with his grandpa on it, 
and she spoke of how you reminded her of one of her five sons,
and this picture made her think of you. 

It was so sweet! 

I'm grateful that you are using this talent to bless others.
It's super cute when all the residents sing along with the hymns you play for them. 

Piano is not the most social activity.
But I am glad that you have it in common with some of your friends. 
You, Dax and Laken will be preforming a trio together 
at your next recital in June.

Miss Jenny and I love to watch the three of you squish together to practice. 
I love it when tiny little Laken yells "ONE TWO THREE GO!"
(As you can see puppy Beatrice tries to join you all as well)

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