We Live in the Woods

We have been enjoying the weather when it's nice. It's been a slow start to Spring. 
One day it will be gorgeous outside - sunny and nearing 80 degrees - 
the next day it will be 52, cloud covered, and windy. 
It's been off and on like that, but we take advantage of the good as best we can. 

We've been working on the yard - 
getting the winter sticks, branches and even downed trees
cleaned up, stacked and burned. 

You took down your first tree by hand yesterday using your hatchet axe.
Your Dad and I were pretty proud of you. 

You also helped us clean up and haul all the wood from the starters and trees 
we took down and cut up with the chainsaw. 
It's nice that you are big enough to be a help with work like this on our land. 
It's a lot easier with another hand in the mix.

Slowly but surely we are thinning and "weeding" the woods.
It's looking so nice!

And of course, we have been burning. 
You and I caught the woods on fire a little this past week. :)
You did a great job getting it under control with me. 
No panicking or freezing in the moment. 
It was a memory (and a lesson) we will not likely ever forget. 

We have burned and cleared SO much already and it's early in the season! 
I know it's not your favorite thing to do - be outside at all, really.
But it is my favorite, and I'm glad you are willing to join me and help out.

There are some things you do like to go outside for. 
Taking walks, biking, or riding your scooter...

Shooting with or without friends… 

And of course, your trampoline!
Best purchase we ever made for you.

Last weekend, we went to Grandma Donna's and Grandpa Richards.
Uncle Curt and the boys joined us for a work day.  
You all played, GOT MUDDY, and helped clear and haul 
the winter out of their woods.

Of course, you were compensated with cookies, lunch, and love. 
You also received a special card from Grandma Donna and Grandpa Richard,
thanking you for your help, and welcoming you into the family as their grandson -
which they also shared with you in words that day. 
We are very blessed to have them in our lives. 

Before we left I asked you if you said good bye to your Cousins.
You looked at me crooked and said, "Cousins?"
I was about to remind you that these boys have ALWAYS 
been your cousins, since the day you were born,
when you continued,
"You mean, my brothers." 

We are hoping the weather will get and STAY nice now that
it was so hot yesterday (reaching 84 degrees!). 

I'm sorry to say, but there is much to be done in our woods. 
Maybe by the end of the season you'll have found some 
enjoyment in being one with the land. ;) 

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