School's Out For the Summer!!!

Although, the past couple of weeks your school schedule has been dwindled down to just a few classes that were left of your 5th grade curriculums - Math, History, Cursive, Spanish, and Piano - yesterday was officially the last day of your school year. :) 

You were very happy about it, and followed through on your plans to watch the third in a series of movies you've been enjoying back to back. 

You have been telling me that 5th grade felt like a month long compared to your public school experience last year, but that the finality of this year didn't feel nearly as monumental as it did in 4th grade public school. I agree. We were SO happy, sad, excited, overwhelmed, and READY to get you finished with and out of public school last year - the last day couldn't have come soon enough, and we literally celebrated (and felt a TON of weight lifted as well as freedom received back to us).

So, while there were inumerable positives to our return year of Homsechooling, we have found a downside: we finished without a bang. It was more-or-less a tiny, squealy sizzle. :)

Now, with the whole summer ahead of us (THREE MONTHS OFF!) we have very few plans and need to get cracking in seeking and following directions on what to do with our time. 
I am very excited to do… nothing,  for a while.

Happy first day of Summer Vacation! 

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