a grateful boy

Much thanks to our Gratefulness Journaling 
you have been spontaneously expressing your gratitude these days. 

What a Gift.

The other morning you were sitting and pondering, 
when you turned to me and commented, 

"You know, I think we have a beautiful life... of turkeys and deer. 
Remember the deer I saw this morning?" 

How wonderful it is that at four years old you can already focus 
your thoughts on the beautiful things in your life.

This week I am grateful for your behavior,
that you are a "precious shiny bass",
for the good strong loving relationships you already have in your young life,
and for your free flow of gratitude and sweetness.
holy experience

I am taking a couple of days away from the computer 
to spend some alone time with me and God. 
I will be back when my muscles stop twitching the edit 
of photographs and involuntarily typing words in my sleep. :)

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