1st Day of 1st Grade

You really weren't thrilled about school starting today. 
You've had some complaining and grumbling the past couple of days 
anytime anyone mentioned first grade or school in general.

You let me take cute "first day" photos, I think mostly because you saw 
Sarita do it before I drove her to her first day this mornings.

You ate, dressed and joined me for a fun little "jump into the day with Jesus" exercise. 
Then we headed up to start school. When we sat at your desk you looked so unhappy. 
I said, "I promise you when you finish your day today, you will be so happy with school 
that you won't be able to wait to start tomorrow."

I know that you were thinking first grade would be just like kindergarten, 
and you were not looking forward to returning to those old routines, workbooks, songs, activities, etc...

Sure enough, we weren't half way through today's schedule and I could tell you were having fun. 
You love the "big boy" things you get to do. 
Especially adding your finished work to the new cork board for display.

I asked you before our halfway break if you liked first grade after all... 
you laughed in disbelief and said, "Yes, I really do!"

Your first day went so well, and I'm so happy for you!

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