On First Grade

Last year, our first couple of days of school were a real struggle. We were learning our lesson the hard way that you weren't quite ready for first grade yet. Even though you had completed a school year of preschool followed by a year of kindergarten, and met all the cognitive requirements for first grade, your age and maturity were obviously making things difficult for you.

We made the decision early to abandon first grade all together, and create an advanced Kindergarten II for you instead.

I'm so glad we gave you that extra year to grow. The time has made all the difference. The concepts that went over your head in the first couple of days of last year now make perfect sense to you.

Things like "best hand writing", the first grade introduction to the Bible, science experiments, and understanding history are all right up your alley, now. I can see the information being absorbed as the little lights go on opening up new ideas and questions.

This time around you are soaking things in, really understanding and enjoyed the learning. Even when you have a "break" you go off to do things that are so much more school than play.

I know we made the right decision last year, and we're all the better off for it this year.
School really IS fun! :)

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