Hamster Time

This is Pebbles...

or is it Ralph?

Who can keep up with all the name changes around here?

You asked us for a mouse or a hamster for months.
I told you about a ten times that if you could take care of it yourself
and you still wanted one "next month" you could get one then. 

I could only hold you off for so long. :)

Jay came over early on a Saturday to join us
on our hamster getting extravaganza.

At the pet store, you selected the sweetest, tiniest, 
miniature, dwarf gerbil I've ever seen.   

We bought him a race car that he runs himself, 
as well as a rolling ball. 
So far, you play with him all the time,
AND take perfect care of him.

And so, we have a hamster.
and a cat. and two dogs. and some fish... :)

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  1. Hamsters and gerbils are so much fun. I have had Putte, Dutte, Lotta, Nutte, Pia, Fia, Squiky, Nibbles and Harry, nine of them. Isabel wants a Guinea Pig now, but I might go with a hamster instead since they have more fun stuff coming with them. Although she will have to wait till we move to Norway, but she is making a good start at saving up her money for it.