You lost your first tooth on the afternoon of September 22, 2011! 

I pulled it out for you, and you skyped with your Daddy at work 
right away to show him the missing tooth gap. 

You said to me, 

"Mom, I know the tooth fairy isn't real, but do you think if I 
put my tooth under my pillow tonight there might be 
somethin' special for me in the morning!?"

I assured you that Mommy and Daddy are way better than any old tooth fairy. 
We put your tooth in a little envelope, 
and you tucked it right under your pillow.

After you went to sleep I pulled out your envelope, 
replaced your tooth with a five dollar bill 
and put a new toy from How to Train Your Dragon into a gift bag. 
Then, I left you home with Sarita while I snuck down to 
the gas station to load up on treats to throw in with it.  

You were one happy boy in the morning.

And the tooth right next to the missing one
is SO loose it's not even in the right place.

We should have another any day now!

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  1. How exciting... the first tooth. I love the toothless look. My youngest has the upper two gone and it is by far, my favorite look on her. Darling. Enjoy the toothless ride!