A Little School Update:

On Wednesdays we are supposed to have the day "off" 
from text books and worksheets for school. 
We are supposed to use the day to explore God's Creation in the world.

Due to your current schedule of Tuesday co-op
and Friday fitness, we don't often have the luxury of 
using Wednesday as a "free exploration" day.

We do, however, make a point to get outside and get into it 
whenever possible throughout the week.

We've turned over just about everything we could find
to discover all the creatures and eggs below.
We've collected caterpillars who've gone into
cocoons and never come out.

We also did the above worm activity/experiment/observation.
It was fun to collect them and put them in the jar with layers of sand and soil.  
It was even more fun to watch them worm their way through the layers
leaving their hole-trails along the sides of the jar. 

You made clay and formed a jar and lid with it for your mini scrolls. 

And even your Daddy has been joining in on the fun
with rocket building and launching,
and doing experiments out of your science book
with you on the weekends. 

This toothpick experiment was AWESOME. 
When you put the drop of water in the center, all the toothpicks 
spread apart like magic! 

We found this old clock from your nursery that had no numbers on it.
We took it apart and made a new insert for it out of blank paper.

You created your own numbers and art on the paper
and we glued it onto the face.
It hangs in your room and is the cutest clock I've ever seen

This week you learned how many books there are in the Old
and the New Testament of the Bible. 

We gathered the same amount of our own separate books
and stacked them high next to your Bible.
We talked about the reasons the Bible isn't as thick as the book pile.
You really liked the hands on and visual learning of this activity.

We are staying as hands on as possible, with cooking,
creating, building, experimenting, exploring, etc...

So far this year has been nothing but fun. 
Not a moment of stress or concern.

We both LOVE school! :)

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  1. What fun and awesome activities! I love your Wednesday plans! Pam